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ZhongShan Shengqiang Paper Products Co., Ltd.
Address: No, 13 of Guanger industrial park,
Shalan Road, Sanjiao county, Zhongshan, Guangdong
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The founder began to research the release paper for hygienic products in 1986, Nanjing, and established Nanjing Shuyale Paper Products Co., Ltd. in 1992. Then he set up Zhongshan Shengqiang Paper Industries Co., Ltd. in 2002.With excellent quality and technology, our company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of accessory material of sanitary towel including release paper, release film, and release cloth.

    From foundation, the company has insisted on the principle: strive for survival, development and efficiency on the basis of quality, and aim for customer satisfaction. The company has introduced advanced technology and equipment, including: coating equipments apply silicone soil with solvent and silicone soil without solvent, and production line with heat curing and light curing of UV ultraviolet rays. With research and practice of over 20 years, the company has become a powerful company with advanced technology, completed processing equipments and scientific management system gradually.

    The main products of our company include: high level and middle level non-blooming release paper, release film, release cloth for sanitary towel, panty liner, and baby diaper; various release paper for performance, window grille, medical band-aid, glass decoration, plastic floor; and food wrapping paper. According to actual application of customers, specifications and gram weights are provided between 20 with 180 gram (processing on order).

    Striving for survival and efficiency on the basis of quality, and insisting on guidance of market demand, we will provide satisfying products to both old customers and new customers to satisfy all demands of customers.  The company will keep the attitude and principle to provide excellent products, and service to customers though the company are creating new products to cater to market along with changeable healthy industry and customer demands.  We welcome customers to our company for negotiation, guidance and cooperation!

    The president of our company Xing Youdong gives regard to all friends and colleagues in all circles on behalf of all employees. Welcome business negotiation by means of letters, telephone and on-site visit!

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